Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke found guilty

Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke have been found guilty by a Los Angeles jury of copying Marvin's Gaye song to create the mega 2013 hit Blurred Lines. The pair must pay the Gaye family over 7 million dollars. This is not good for Pharrell Williams, the music mogul and The Voice judge who won several Grammy Awards. Robin Thicke, on the other hand had already said in court that he was drunk or on drugs when he co-wrote the song.
by Will Wikimedia Commons 

The duo was accused by the family of Marvin Gaye, of copying his 1970 music, "Got to give it up". This is not the first time for a copying lawsuit in the music industry and it could be a deliberate act or not. Pharrell Williams said that while he knew Marvin's Gaye's song as a youth, he did not copy any of it in Blurred Lines. The jury disagreed. Here are the two songs. I don't really see the similarities but then I am no expert in these things. What do you think?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dancing with the stars season 20 cast line up

It promises to be an interesting season on Dancing With the Stars. I have a love hate relationship with this show - I watch some seasons and some I ignore. But I did watch last season and what makes me watch a season is the cast line up. I need to know at least 4 person in the cast who I like ans whose name I recognize. I will be watching this season and here is the cast line up.

Patti LaBelle Grammy award winning singer (why I am watching)
 Nastia Liukin Gymnast
Charlotte McKinney , Model/actress
Willow Shields, Hunger Games star
Suzanne Somers Actress and other things (why I am watching)
 Rumer Willis, actress but best known as Bruce Willis daughter(Why I am watching, I don't know her but I love Bruce and if she is on the show he may turn up from time to time)
Noah Galloway, combat veteran
Robert Herjavec, Shark tank dragon's den(Why I am watching)
 RedFoo, singer
Riker Lynch, actor/singer
Michael Sam, NFL player

There is one more cast member to be revealed. Most of the cast I don't know by name but probably will when I see them live. Will you be watching DWTS season
Here is a throwback to the the 1980's video with Patti Labelle singing Stir it Up from the Beverley Hills soundtrack. It sure gets you into the dancing mood.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rosie O'donnell on the run again

image credit Wikimedia Commons

Rosie O'donnell is on the run again - from the View. Many of us knew it, felt it, said it. It as a bad decision to rehire Rosie O'donnell for the View and was bound to end in disaster. The View has been driven to desperation lately with the Talk on their heels and somehow felt that by brining back Rosie who had left the show, under dubious circumstances, would have brought some needed life-giving infusion to the show. Rosie said a low key goodbye to The View again, yesterday. Her reason for leaving this time is to focus on her 5 children after the break up of her second marriage, this one to Michelle Rounds.

 Rosie O'donnell was hired in September 2014 however, the show has experienced a ratings slide from last season. The hoped for spike in ratings with a new panel did not happen. We do know that there were instances of Rosie and Whoopi locking horns on several issues resulting in what I would describe as a shouting matches this time around. And if you believe the media reports, Whoopi and Rosie were fighting over anything seating arrangements even before the show aired.

Rosie's staying power on previous assignments should have provided The View's hierarchy with clues. She quit her magazine Rosie which was launched in 2000 less than 2 years later due to a dispute over editorial control. She was first hired as moderator of The View in 2006 creating some famous controversies resulting in her contract being mutually cancelled the following year . The show did see a ratings jump in 2007 but this could be due to timing in a heated pre-election period. Her Rosie talk show on Own had its debut in 2011 but was cancelled in 2012 for low ratings.

Things to consider before hiring or re-hiring a talk show host. Does he or she play nice in the sandbox? Are they popular with the viewing audience? Rosie was named the most Annoying Celebrity of 2007 by PARADE reader's poll. How are their interpersonal skills? How successful have they been in similar venues?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Should Mark Wahlberg be pardoned for his racist attacks?

Mark Wahlberg is asking to be  pardoned  for his convictions of racially motivated
attacks on African Americans   two Vietnamese men when he was a teenager Would you agree he should he be pardoned? Read More
Image Wikimedia Commons 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hackers reveal Celebrities aliases


The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is it pornographic?

I sometimes  wonder what is the purpose of having a Victoria Secret Fashion show on live Prime time network TV READ MORE

Monday, September 8, 2014

New baby for the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William


Good news for all you royal watchers,Prince William and Kate are expecting a baby. Just 14 months after prince George was born, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are thrilled to be having a second child. The Duchess of Cambridge is , however, in for another rough pregnancy it seems. MORE

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dancing With the Stars 2014 Season 18 Cast Line Up

The 2014, season 18 cast line up has a number of firsts like the first hockey player and the first Paralympian and the first former hockey player. Here is a list of  the season 18 DWTS cast line up.

Billy Dee Williams who was the heartthrob of many women in the height of his fame as an actor is paired  with Emma Slater

NeNe Leakes, the brash Housewives of Atlanta star  with partner Tony Dovolani.

James Maslow is paired with Peta Murgatroyd and is famous for his role as a singer in the band Big Time Rush.

Sean Avery is paired with   Karina Smirnoff and is the  former notorious enforcer with the New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings, Detroit Red Wings and Dallas Stars. He will be the first former hockey player in the history of DWTS.

Drew Carey, comedian and host of The Price is Right is paired with
Cheryl Burke

Candace Cameron Bure has  Mark Ballas as a partner . If you don't remember her by name, she played the role of  D.J. Tanner on Full House in the 90s

Meryl Davis is one half of the Olympic ice dancing duo. Her ice dancing partner Charlie White will also appear on this season's DWTS. Meryl Davis will be paired with Maksim Chmerkovskiy 

Danica McKellar with partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy is another former child star appearing as Winnie Cooper in the Wonder Years. Today she is known as the author of the best selling series "Math Doesn't Suck"

Diana Nyad is paired with Henry Byalikov. She is famous for being the first person to finish 110 mile swim from Cuba to Key West in 2013

Cody Simpson is partnered with Witney Carson and is a 17 year old Australia pop singer

Amy Purdy  and Derek Hough will dance together. Amy Purdy  will be the first paralympian in DWTS history . She won a bronze medal in snowboarding at Sochi.

Charlie white is the other half if the ice dancing duo  and will be partnered with Sharna Burgess



Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Brooke Burke Fired From Dancing with the Stars

Brook Burke Leaving DWTS
Brooke Burke image Creative Commons

Brooke Burke is not too happy after being forced out of DWTS and replaced by the younger sportscaster Erin Andrews.In a statement to Access Hollywood on Friday, executive producer of DWTS Conrad Green, confirmed that the season seven winner will not be returning to the show.

Erin Andrews image Creative Commons
However, while Brooke Burke says that she recognized the need for change she expressed her displeasure at the news by saying " I've seen my fair share of shocking eliminations in the ballroom but this one takes the cake."

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Rosie Perez and Jennifer Lopez Scandal Revelations

Rosie Perez image Wikimedia Commons

Jenny and Rosie from the Block have something else in common - they don't like each other very much it seems. Rosie Perez tells all in her memoirs about her ongoing feud with Jenny from the block. Both Jennifer Lopez and Rosie Perez mt when they auditioned for Fly Girl dancers on the popular In Living Color 90's show. According to the New York Post, excerpts from Rosie Perez book  reveals the following:
JLo image Wikimedia Commons
1) Rosie Perez says she as responsible for JLo being part of the Fly Girl dancers as she encouraged the producer to hire Jennifer Lopez.
2) Keenan Ivory Wayans, who was the chows host and producer did not want Jennifer Lopez , according to the book, since he thought she was "chubby and corny"
3) The girls complained to Rosie about Jennifer Lopez saying that she was manipulating
4) That Lopez screamed at Rosie using some choice expletives
5)That Lopez made disparaging comments about Perez after leaving the show

If this is all true, my question is why reveal it now. It appears that someone is jealous of someone's success and can't seam to "get over it" This alleged feud between Lopez and Perez seems like typical interpersonal issues common in and work situation. The fact the Rosie Perez, after a decade and a half still appears  to harbor resentment about the relationship does reek of sour grapes.